How We Sell So LOW


  • We often get asked, how can you sell this at such a low price? With a low-overhead operating structure and huge wholesale buying power, we can provide the same products and services as traditional stores but without the huge retail markup.


  • Normal furniture and mattress stores spare no expense when it comes to retail real estate, advertising, and in-store merchandising. All of those high expenses get built into the cost of their product at a retail level. Conversely, we find the most cost-efficient ways to establish ourselves in the marketplace. We don’t spend the dollars that stores do to advertise in every media possible. We don’t have the highest visibility in the most coveted retail location in town, nor do we have the huge budget for costly interior store design. We strive to have an easily-accessible yet cost-effective way of providing our customer access to purchasing quality furniture. Both of our showrooms– online and warehouse– are clean and inviting without being an unnecessary expense. We believe our customers would much rather have the savings that we pass along this way.


  • Another way we can offer such low prices is by our wholesale buying. With 7 locations and growing, Local Overstock Warehouse carries much weight with our vendors. We get all their best wholesale discounts and pass them on to our customers; since we do so much wholesale volume, it makes sense that we buy truckloads of items when smaller stores cannot. Those additional product volume discounts get compounded with the savings in volume freight from the vendors. Simply put, we buy it low so we can sell it low.


  • Finally, we believe in taking care of our customers. We take pride in saving our customers money because our customers are our friends and our neighbors. If we can work hard to operate a business that provides high quality products at the lowest prices, we believe that people will come, and they will come back. Our business depends on it. It depends on our customers, and we believe that looking after their best interests is the best way to do that.