How to Choose the Best Mattress

How to Choose the Best Mattress for YouThere are few things quite as decadent as a great night’s sleep in your own bed. Since you’re destined to spend a large chunk of your life in your bed, it’s worthwhile to take steps to ensure that the mattress you choose is the best for you. But when it’s come right down to it, just how are you supposed to choose the best mattress?

Tips for Choosing the Best Mattress for You

  • Determine Your Budget It can be a bit surprising how wide a range of price points there can be when it comes to mattresses. Before you get started, it can really help to decide what you’re willing to spend to get the mattress of your dreams. This can influence everything from where you shop to what size mattress is right for you. If you know what your price range is before you head to the store, you’ll be much more likely to get in and get out without a headache.
  • Decide Firm vs. Soft Mattress There is a big debate about which is better – firm or soft mattresses. The truth is, most people are happiest when they’re sleeping on a mattress that is somewhere in the middle. If your mattress is too soft, you can sink in and feel smothered. If it’s too hard, it can be tough on your spine. This is a great time to talk with your partner (if you have one) about where each of your falls on the hard vs. soft spectrum. This way, you can find something that meets both of your needs.
  • Choose Mattress Type Most of us only buy a few mattresses in our entire lives. Due to this, it can be difficult to remember the difference between an innerspring mattress, foam mattress, hybrid mattress and more. In all honesty, waterbeds are still an option. Take time to do the research on which mattress type best meets your needs. If you have a large family that likes to crowd your bed, you might find that a memory foam mattress is great because people are less likely to wake one another up. Or, if you run hot, you may decide that memory foam mattresses are definitely not your style.
  • Understand Your Size Preferences Once, we had a woman tell us that king sized mattresses guaranteed a divorce, since the couple wasn’t staying close. Next, we had a woman tell us king sized mattress guaranteed a healthy marriage, since the couple could sleep well and be rested. Your size preferences can be based on any number of things – the size of your bedroom, the size of your family and more. The only way to get the mattress that’s right for you is to think through what you need and why. Knowing what size mattress you’d like before you enter the store will help you hone in on the mattress of your dreams.
  • Take a Test Drive In order to really ensure that you’ve got the mattress that’s best for you, go to the store and take it for a test drive. Don’t be shy – take the time to lay on it in the position which you sleep the most often. You’ll want to take your time. It can take as much as 15 minutes to really get cozy and sink in to the depth at which you’d actually be sleeping. If you know before 15 minutes is up that you’ve found the one, great. We’re just saying this isn’t a decision that needs to be rushed. Take your time if you need it because this decision is one you might live with for years.

Your mattress is a fundamental fixture in your house. Make sure that it is something you can live with happily for roughly a decade. Ultimately, doing some research before you hit the stores is going to be a driving factor in whether or not you rest well for the next several years.

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