Nursery Furniture: What Does Your Baby Need

Nursery Furniture NeedsWhen you’re expecting a new baby, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of baby stuff it seems like you need to buy. Everyone you know likely has an opinion on what you absolutely must have for the baby. Much like it can be hard to know what you really need in a bedroom in these Pinterest-inspired times, it can be hard to know what you really need in a nursery. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered.

4 Things You Need for your Baby’s Nursery

  1. Crib It goes without saying that your baby needs somewhere to sleep. Looking for a crib that meets safety standards is a must. It’s a big plus to find a crib that can grow with your little one. Many cribs now convert into toddler or twin size beds. Of course, your first concern should be safety as twin beds can always be purchased at a later date if needed.
  2. Chair Having a spot inside of your nursery that allows you to rock and comfort your baby makes bedtime so much easier. While it’s definitely possible to rock your baby to sleep in another room, a rocking chair or other comfortable chair inside of your nursery itself will allow you to dictate the mood and ambience at bedtime. Meanwhile, others can still use the rest of the house while you put the baby to bed.
  3. Footrest If you’re going to be up late with a little one, you’re going to want a place to rest your feet. It sounds simplistic but having a solid footrest allows you some comfort while you’re comforting the baby. Since babies can require late night comfort for any number of reasons, you’re going to want a footrest or ottoman as part of your nursery décor.
  4. Dresser Even a baby needs somewhere to store all their stylish duds. The baby’s dresser is something they can grow into – a well-built dresser can last a lifetime, from the nursery and beyond. In fact, we know a number of young people who moved into their first apartment with the dresser they had as a baby. If your budget is tight, your little one can probably go up to 12 months with an alternate clothes storage option. But when your budget allows a sturdy, stylish dresser is a key addition to your nursery.

There’s no reason to completely stress out trying to design the perfect nursery. If you have time to pick the perfect prints, trim, accessories and more, that’s fantastic. These furniture items are simply the things you need to create a great base for your baby’s room; they’re the items that are worth the time and money to invest in from the get go.

And if your budget is tight, don’t fret. Your baby will grow up quickly – there will be many opportunities to decorate and redecorate as your child grows. Taking the time to invest in a solid furniture foundation for your baby’s nursery can let future decorating be more fun and less stressful. These foundational furniture pieces put you in a great place to create a restful, functional space for your bundle of joy.

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