Choosing the Best Paint Color for Your Living Room

Choosing Best Paint Color Living RoomYour home is your castle, and it should be ready and able to meet your every need – from large family gatherings to quiet nights in. Your living room is challenged to serve as the background for many of these functions. As a result, choosing the correct paint hue for your living room walls can be tough. What color can possibly set the mood for so many different types of occasions – from birthday parties to nights relaxing at home?

Luckily, there are a number of paint colors that can be very versatile. This means the paint colors are neutral enough to work in many settings and with many types of décor. This does not mean the paint color has to be beige. Neutrals have expanded beyond beige to include a host of color options. Painting your living room in a color that is versatile allows your living room to be the perfect backdrop for all of life’s occasions.

Choosing the Best Paint Color for your Living Room

  1. Gray Gray is an incredibly versatile color. Depending on its tint, gray can be a warm, neutral or cool color. Depending on your needs and the décor for the rest of your home, you can find a shade of gray to match almost any palette. This color will serve as a great background, allowing you to customize the rest of your décor to any type of lifestyle or event.
  2. Blue A neutral blue can be a great addition to your living room. It promotes a sense of calm and order but can be paired with nearly any color furniture and accessories. So long as you don’t choose a blue that’s screaming for attention, you can choose this color whether your décor style is contemporary or traditional.
  3. Yellow Living rooms that are yellow can have a brightness and life to them. It’s important to avoid neon yellows or anything that seems too loud. But yellow can be a great base to start from, especially in rooms that get a lot of light.
  4. Beige While your room doesn’t have to be beige to be neutral, the right shade of beige can still be inviting. There is a solid reason that beige has been a popular color for homes (especially those for sale) for years. It can serve many purposes and allows you to truly decorate the space to your taste. With this color on your walls, you can create a space that works with any palette or décor style. Beige never goes out of style.

Let’s face it: your living room is a focal point in your home. It’s likely where you’ll spend much of your time, whether it’s with guests, the family or alone. Make sure you’ve got the right foundation to start from and you give yourself the ability to choose the décor that works best for your personal style.

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