How to Pick a Rug Pattern and Style

With the popularity of hardwood floors in home design these days, the demand for area rugs has also been increasing. People love the look of hardwood, especially in open concept floorplans, but it is often difficult to determine where one room ends and another begins. Adding rugs to your rooms can add interest and help define the different spaces in your home. But how do you pick a rug pattern that’s right for your space? Rugs come in a plethora of colors, patterns, sizes, and shapes. Here are a few characteristics to consider before choosing your new rug.

How to Pick a Rug Pattern

How to Pick a Rug Pattern & Style

  1. Color: The first question to ask yourself is what other colors and patterns are in the room. If your room is decorated with neutral colors and few patterns, try going with a bold or accent color and a fun pattern. If your room is already on the colorful side, maybe a neutral colored rug is a better choice. You could choose a rug with a nice pattern, but in a coordinating color that is already in your room.
  2. Fabric: When it comes to choosing the material your rug will be made of think first about what the function of the room is. If you are decorating a more casual room where people may walk on it in bare feet, the texture will be very important. If you are selecting a rug for a more formal room, the texture will not matter as much. Will your rug be in a high traffic area? Check into how the fabric can be cleaned. There would be nothing worse than spending a lot of money on a rug, only to find out that it cannot be cleaned easily or inexpensively.
  3. Size: A rug that takes up the majority of the room is called an area rug. These types of rugs should only leave between eight and twelve inches of hardwood between the edge of the carpet and the wall. Additionally, all furniture should be placed entirely on the rug. If this is not possible, all furniture pieces should have at least the front two feet on the rug. Runners are rugs that lay in a hallway and are long and narrow. Similarly to the area rug, runners should be a few inches shorter in width and length than the hallway.

Once you have determined the colors, fabric, and size rug that you are interested in purchasing, you can have fun shopping. It can be very tempting to buy a rug from an online or mail-order catalog, but it is highly encouraged to view rugs in person before buying them. Also, a good quality rug pad underneath your rug will help protect your hardwood floors and keep your rug from slipping around. Taking the time to make sure you are buying a piece that meets your needs will ensure that your rug will give you many years of enjoyment.


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