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How to Decorate with Area Rugs

Area rugs aren’t just for wiping your feet anymore. With so many affordable styles, colors and sizes, there are lots of decorative and functional ways to use area rugs in every home. How to Decorate with Area Rugs Starting with the front porch, an entry mat can be welcoming to guests and give curb appeal to […]

How to Pick a Rug Pattern and Style

With the popularity of hardwood floors in home design these days, the demand for area rugs has also been increasing. People love the look of hardwood, especially in open concept floorplans, but it is often difficult to determine where one room ends and another begins. Adding rugs to your rooms can add interest and help […]

What Size Area Rug is Best for Your Needs?

Purchasing an area rug can be tricky. After all, an area rug can really tie a room together with its color and style. Plus, rugs are not always as inexpensive as we’d like them to be. You need to be conscious of the best size area rug for your room, too. This means that it’s important […]