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Tips for Choosing the Best Durable Furniture (if You Have Children and Pets)

Most of us, at one time or another, will have a pet or children living in our homes. When decorating your house or buying new furniture, it’s important to keep in mind the durability of your purchases if you have kids or pets. Here are some helpful tips for buying durable furniture for your home. […]

Affordable DIY Home Updates

If your house is in need of some updating, but you don’t have the time or money to start a huge remodel, there are still low cost projects you can do yourself to give your home a more modern feel. Repaint your Vents For starters, check your heating/cooling vents. Are they an outdated color or […]

6 Affordable Bathroom Updates

Ask and any contractor will tell you that a bathroom remodel can easily be one of the most expensive updates you can do for your home. However, there are many do it yourself projects you can do to give your bathroom clean modern look. 6 Affordable Bathroom Updates For starters, let’s take a look at […]

Best Indoor Plants for Your Home

There’s nothing more refreshing than adding plant life to your home! Plants can soften a room, help purify the air and even boost your mood. But not all plants do well living indoors. Find out what plants love the indoors and are best suited for your needs. Best Indoor Plants for your Home Little Sunlight […]

How to Display Collections in your Home

Got stuff? Trinkets? Collections? You need a way to keep your precious collections organized and on display for your enjoyment. So pull those collections out of your attic, the back of your closet and that hard to reach space in the back of your corner kitchen cabinet. Below are some great ideas for traditional and […]

Pros and Cons of Decorating with Monotone Furniture

Generally speaking, monotone furniture refers to items with neutral colors like beige, tan, brown and white. Many homes use these colors for large furniture pieces as a base for decorating. In a way, monotone furniture is like using a blank canvas. There are definitely pros and cons to decorating this way. Pros & Cons of […]

Unique Nursery Decor Ideas

Baby on the way means it’s time to get a nursery room ready in your home. But if you’re tired of the same old pink and blue, you’re not alone! There are so many new ways to make your baby’s nursery unique with modern or even retro themes. Here are some fun ideas for fabulous […]

Create a Coffee Bar in Your Home

Enjoying a lovely, hot cup of joe is definitely one of the sweeter things in life. Coffee helps most people start their day and wind down for a break in the afternoon. It’s always nice to walk into a coffee shop with aromas swirling and beautiful displays to admire, but it can get expensive to […]

How to Decorate with Area Rugs

Area rugs aren’t just for wiping your feet anymore. With so many affordable styles, colors and sizes, there are lots of decorative and functional ways to use area rugs in every home. How to Decorate with Area Rugs Starting with the front porch, an entry mat can be welcoming to guests and give curb appeal to […]

How to Create a Man Cave in Your Home

Kids playing too loudly while football is on? Dinner is cooking, but you’re not allowed to taste any? Home from work and just need to chill? Sounds like the man of the house needs his own space. Why not create your very own man cave in your home? How to Create a Man Cave in […]