5 Clothing Storage Options for Bedrooms

There’s no question that we as humans nowadays have lots of belongings, and rarely have enough room to store them all. Perhaps you live in a small apartment with a tiny closet, an older home that was built at a time when people didn’t own as much, or maybe your spacious closet is just plain full. So what can you do when your closet just isn’t enough to hold all your clothing? You can simply head to your bedroom for extra storage options.

Bedroom Clothing Storage Ideas
There are lots of creative ways to store clothing in your home besides stuffing your closet to the brim. Here are some options beyond the standard dresser to help get you started.
1. Try an armoire. They stand upright, using less room. A great benefit of armoires is that they typically have a hanging rack and storage drawers. You could hang coats, pants and blouses in an armoire and still have space to put foldable clothing or accessories. It’s like having a mobile closet.
2. Put some rolling/sliding storage bins under your bed. Essentially, these take up no space in a bedroom. They are hidden from view, yet easy to access. They are best for foldable clothing and accessories.
3. Add a wooden chest or fabric storage ottoman. You can place it at the end of your bed or under a window. These add a beautiful touch to any bedroom and double as seating. Again these work best for foldable clothes and accessories. They can also be used to store off-season clothing when not in use.
4. Install upper wall cabinets or floating shelves. If you’re handy around the house, you could hang storage cabinets on your wall which free up floor space. Floating shelves are also an easy and affordable option. Use pretty storage bins for accessories or other clothing items and place on shelves.
5. As a final option, you could use a portable clothing rack. Keep in mind that anything on the rack would be visible to all who enter your room. So you might want to hang only coordinating colors, or purchase a covering for the rack. The best part of using a portable clothing rack is how easily they can be rolled into a different room and out of sight.

Finding storage solutions for clothing outside of closets can be tricky, but there are alternatives. Simple additions of furniture and storage bins can free up space in a small closet, or simply become overflow if your closet is full. Shop around to find pieces that match your décor, and remember to measure your available space before you do.

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