Pros and Cons of Decorating with Monotone Furniture

Generally speaking, monotone furniture refers to items with neutral colors like beige, tan, brown and white. Many homes use these colors for large furniture pieces as a base for decorating. In a way, monotone furniture is like using a blank canvas. There are definitely pros and cons to decorating this way.

Pros and Cons of Decorating with Monotone Furniture

Pros & Cons of Decorating with Monotone Furniture

First, monotone furniture satisfies both tastes if you have people with different decorating styles in your home. Starting with a neutral colored couch, for example, decorating with monotone furniture allows you to add pillows and a throw blanket in your favorite colors. This way you can add decorative items in colors you both like.

Monotone is also a great look if you are trying to sell your home. If your home is decorated with very bright colors, that could put off a potential buyer. It’s very easy to stash your colorful decor in storage while showing your house, and what’s left is a very neutral color palette that’s easy on the eyes.

Using monotone furniture gives a clean and put together look throughout your home. Much like you would find in a decorating magazine. If you prefer neutral, natural colors, this is the way to go.

Perhaps the biggest pro is that monotone furniture allows you to add and remove pops of color with decorative items, pillows, throw rugs and more. This enables you to easily switch out decor color by season or holiday without buying any new furniture. For example, an orange couch in your family room with red and green Christmas decorations completely clashes. But a tan colored couch with red and green pillows at Christmas, and orange and black pillows at Halloween looks fabulous.

There can be downsides to having monotone furniture as well. Some people may think monotone furniture is too plain or boring. Especially if you don’t add any colorful decor or artwork to your home.

Monotone furniture can be hard to keep clean or hide stains because they are usually beige or tan in color. In this case, be sure to find upholstered furniture in stain resistant fabrics.

It can be a hard sell if you also use monotone decor, linens and art when the other person prefers more color variety.

Monotone furniture can be a great choice as a decorating base in your home. It can easily be livened up by bright pops of colorful decor, or kept neutral by using similar tones throughout the rest of you home. If you’re looking to buy new furniture, the versatility of monotone furniture may just outweigh the cons for you

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