How to Display Collections in your Home

Got stuff? Trinkets? Collections? You need a way to keep your precious collections organized and on display for your enjoyment. So pull those collections out of your attic, the back of your closet and that hard to reach space in the back of your corner kitchen cabinet. Below are some great ideas for traditional and unique ways to display your collections.

How to Display Collections in your Home

How to Display Collections in your Home

Breakable items like dishes or porcelain dolls should be secured in a standard curio cabinet, but try organizing them by color and size for a polished look. A closed cabinet will also have the benefit of keeping dust off of hard to clean items.

If you have lots of similar sized items like pint glasses or action figures, installing a long border shelf along the wall just 12 inches below your ceiling will allow each item to be visible. It also gives your walls the look of a ceiling border without much clutter.

Arrange metal items like spoon collections or kitschy souvenir magnets from your traveling days on a large magnetic board, not on your refrigerator. The side of your fridge should be a clean place for a calendar or reminder notes, not a slew of unused magnets. Once again, organize them by size and color, or arrange them into a clean, artsy collage. These would look great in a game room or finished basement.

What about that cabinet full of your favorite coffee mugs? Just about everyone has an overflowing cabinet like this in the kitchen. Pull them out and display them on your wall with easy to install bars and moveable hooks. It’s so much easier to choose your mug in the morning without having to dig through the back of your cabinet.

Got tiny collections? Typesetter drawers are all the rage right now. You can mount one to your wall or fill it with your trinkets and turn it into a glass covered table. These make a great conversation piece. You can also fill large glass jars with your small items and use the jars as centerpieces. These work great for things like matchbox cars in a boy’s room, spools of thread in a craft room, or vintage doorknobs on a table.

Don’t forget about frames. Frames are an easy way to display items on your wall like an art display. For example, frame your souvenir postcards singly or in a collage. Frames are also great for stamp collections and record sleeves. If you are constantly collecting your children’s artwork, you can buy a special deep frame that mounts to the wall. This special frame opens up so you can keep adding your child’s drawings until it’s full.

Doesn’t it feel great to see your collections out on display in your home instead of keeping them packed away? It gives you the opportunity to reminisce, jog your memory and add truly unique decor to your home. As an added bonus, they always make great conversation starters when you have visitors.

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