Best Indoor Plants for Your Home

There’s nothing more refreshing than adding plant life to your home! Plants can soften a room, help purify the air and even boost your mood. But not all plants do well living indoors. Find out what plants love the indoors and are best suited for your needs.

Best Indoor Plants for your Home

Best Indoor Plants for your Home

Little Sunlight and Maintenance. So you don’t have a green thumb, or perhaps you don’t have the time to take care of plants. No problem! Try using plants that need little to no sunlight and very little maintenance. Your top choice should be the spider plant. They grow best with minimal light and only need watering once every two weeks. Others include the Madagascar Dragon Tree and the snake plant, both of which can grow to chest height.

Air Purifying. Sometimes the air inside your home can be dirtier than the air outdoors. Many plants have air purifying effects, a huge benefit for the allergy prone. Most notable is English Ivy, which can reduce the amount of mold in the air indoors. The Ficus Tree, which can grow to ceiling height if desired, reduces ammonia and formaldehyde in the air. The Boston Fern is another hard working beauty that removes formaldehyde and xylene from the air.

Gorgeous Blooms. If you love bright, blooming flowers but hate the cost of replenishing bouquets from the store, why not look into flowering plants that grow indoors? The Hibiscus comes in a variety of colors and has been known to bloom year round indoors. Some geraniums grow well indoors giving bright and fragrant flowers. Begonias are a hearty indoor bloomer in many different colors. The Wax Begonia and Reiger Begonia varieties are easy to grow in medium to bright light.

Edible Indoor Plants. You probably already know about growing an indoor herb garden. These are ideal in small spaces like a window sill. If you have room in your home, there’s so much more you can grow and eat like avocados, lemons and tomatoes. The dwarf avocado plant actually needs high ceilings as they can grow up to ten feet. A dwarf lemon tree needs 8-12 hours of sunlight per day, so place it by a window. It may need special soil and extra hydration with a spray bottle. Tomatoes grow very well indoors with plenty of sunlight and water. Be sure to turn the plant occasionally so all sides receive adequate light. Edible plants need extra care and pruning, but the fruits of your labor may be worth it!

Whatever your needs may be, bringing live plants into your home can be beneficial to your health. They can add joy and ambiance to your home, food to your plate and cleaner air to breathe in.

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