Make Your Home Warm and Inviting for the Holidays

This time of year, many of us are hosting loved ones. Like it or not, we all have certain homes we love to visit – and others that we don’t. While decking the halls with boughs of holly may make the place look festive, it’s not the only thing you need to do to make […]

What Type of Desk is Right for Your Home Office

Recent research has found that approximately twenty-five percent of the US workforce works from home at some frequency. Even if you are not one of those who work from home occasionally, if you have a home computer, pay bills, or write letters, chances are you have a desk in your home. But what type of […]

A Definitive Guide to Living Room Chairs

One of the most important items in your living spaces, if not the most important, is seating. In a living room or family room, couches and sofas are popular, but there are several different types of chairs that can enhance the comfort of a living space. Types of chairs include wingback arm chairs, recliners, overstuffed […]

How to Create a Perfect Guest Room

When you open your home to guests, it’s important to be sure they feel comfortable in their guest room. In most cases, your guest room is a room that you don’t use yourself very often – why would you? So how do you know your guest room is really a comfortable place to stay? These […]

How to Coordinate Frames in a Gallery Wall

One popular way of decorating a large wall in your home is called a gallery wall. A gallery wall is a gathering of at least seven items to hang together in one space. These items can be anything you want, and a gallery wall is a great way to display your personality and things you […]

3 Tips to Keep Leather Furniture Looking Great

Shopping for a new sofa or chairs for your home can be a daunting task with all the fabric options available. The look and feel of a leather sofa can be very appealing, but you may have questions about how well it will hold up with daily use. Leather is more expensive than other fabrics […]

How to Pick a Rug Pattern and Style

With the popularity of hardwood floors in home design these days, the demand for area rugs has also been increasing. People love the look of hardwood, especially in open concept floorplans, but it is often difficult to determine where one room ends and another begins. Adding rugs to your rooms can add interest and help […]

Best Ways to Keep Unslightly Electronics Cords Out of Sight

With all the gadgets we have these days, our homes are being overrun with cords. One place we see cords most frequently is in the family room connecting the television to cable or satellite boxes, DVD or BluRay players, and gaming systems. Since the family room should be a place to relax and unwind, a […]

How to Set the Perfect Table

Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. It’s not too early to start thinking about entertaining your family and friends with a festive meal. In addition to planning your menu, don’t forget to spend some time designing the table setting. The way you set your table will make your guests feel […]


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